Bee Ready Fishing Rod Holders


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Removable 18 inch tall Riser with
the almost indestructible ABS Nylon Base Mount....... $30.00

This base is almost indestructible. Riser slides in and out of

mount so that rod holder and riser can be easily removed and

stored away. Base comes with a set screw that holds the riser in.

Get multiple bases and move the holders around your boat or from boat to boat.

The Riser is 18 inches tall. A taller one (25 inch)
can be ordered
special for $5 extra, see below.



Removable Riser Extended Length 25 1/2 inches
with the ABS Nylon Base Mount.......$35.00

Same as above but 25 1/2 inches tall.



Float Noodle for Riser...................$3.00

Noodle slides over riser rod to be used for

jigs, hooks or leaders and the rod holder
floats if dropped in water.


Doug "Tex" Elliott,
Lake Lavon Catfish Guide says

I have been using the noodles
on my rod holders for a while....
because they are a great place
to put some already made
up leaders.....put a rubber band on the

bottom and it will keep the line in like a charm.





Riser Rod only ..............................$ 16.00

Riser only without the base. 18 inches tall.


Riser Rod only (25 1/2 inches tall).........$21.00

Riser only without the base. 25 1/2 inches tall.





Almost indestructible ABS Nylon Base Mount w/Stainless Steel Hardware......$14.00

Can be mounted on your boat in two different ways.Bolted on (if you can get

underneath your deck) or with Lag Screws. Lag screws included. Install

multiple bases on your boat to have multiple locations for your risers.

Base measures 1 3/4 in. tall and 3 1/2 in. diameter with 4 holes 1 3/4 in. apart.




Almost indestructible ABS Nylon
Side Mount
w/Stainless Steel Hardware.........$14.00

Side mount mounted to the inside of your gunwale wall.
Opening to slide the riser up and down through.
Has lag screws included.

Install multiple mounts on your boat to have multiple locations for your risers.

Side Mount measures 2 in. tall x 4 in. wide with 4 holes 1 in. and 3 in. apart.



Bee Ready Cap

Bee Ready Cap with Velcro closing in back......... $10